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Development and design

Our construction tasks are executed using 3D software like Solid Edge and Solidworks.

  • 2D/3D Documentation
  • 3D design of parts and assemblies
  • Prototype design and manufacaturing
  • Laser cutting

    Precise material cutting is carried out using high-end TRUMPF laser cutting machines.

    TRUMPF TruLaser 3030 FIBER and TruLaser 3530 lasers
    Power output4.000 W
    Workpiece dimensions3.000 x 1.500 mm
    Max. workpiece thicknesssteel 20 mm / stainless steel 20 mm /
    aluminium 20 mm / copper 8 mm / brass 8 mm
    Accuracy± 0,1 mm (based on the workpiece size)

    CNC bending

    We perform precise bending of sheet metal components with TRUMPF CNC press brakes, equipped with many tools and sensor-based angle control.

  • Wide range of tools
  • Precise 3D preparation
  • Max length up to 3.230 mm
  • TRUMPF TrumaBend 5085, 5170 and V130
    Press force:850-1.700 kN
    Max bending length:3.000 mm
    Max workpiece thickness: 12 mm in length approximately 1.000 mm
    Bending accuracy: up to 0,5° (depends on material thickness and size)
    Opening:615 mm
    Extra extension:420 mm
    Width between columns:2.690 mm for extension of 420 mm


    We offer welding using modern MIG/MAG/TIG techniques in protective atmospheres with both active and inert gases.

    We weld:

  • Non-alloyed (common) steels
  • Highly alloyed steels (stainless)
  • Aluminum alloys
  • Resistance welding (spot welding)
  • Resistance welding for adding screws up to size M8 on both non-alloyed and alloyed steels.
  • Metalwork and locksmith operations

    We provide extensive possibilities for metalwork according to customer drawings and specifications.

  • Cutting with band and circular saws with a diameter of 600 mm
  • Drilling, countersinking, threading, and reaming
  • Grinding, riveting, and circling
  • Assembling
  • Pressing of elements
  • Milling and turning
  • Micro-punching marking
  • CMM measuring

    For highly precise 3D measurements and FAI protocols, we use the Mitutoyo Crysta Apex S 710 measuring machine, which provides measurement accuracy in units of microns.

    3D SMS Mitutoyo Crystal Apex S 710
    Accuracy:0,001 mm depending to the measured dimension
    Range:700 x 1.000 x 600 mm
    Max. workpiece weight:1.000 kg
    Max. workpiece height:800 mm
    Resolution:0,1 µm

    Precision example: We can measure a length of 450 mm with an accuracy of 0.001 mm, and the error for this dimension is 3.05 µm = 0.00305 mm.

    Surface cleaning and deburring

    We carry out mechine and manual removal of burrs, splashes and deburring of sharp edges laser parts including surface unification.

    Q-FIN 1200
    Min workpiece dimensions:80×80 mm
    Min workpiece thickness:1 mm
    Max workpiece thickness:150 mm
    Max workpiece width:1.200 mm
    Max workpiece length:2.500 mm
    Materials:Stainless steel, Aluminium, Steel

    Each type of material is processed using its dedicated set of grinding tools to prevent material contamination and potential corrosion.

    Vibratory tumbler with a dryer
    Min workpiece area:300×300 mm (flat)
    Materials:Stainless steel, Aluminium, Steel

    We use tumbling for deburring,edge rounding, the cutting surface oxide removal and surface smoothing before coating. Parts are tumbled between abrasive media using vibrational motion during vibratory tumbling. Parts made of structural steel are passivated against corrosion and dried in a dryer.

    Surface treatment

    Surface treatments are used for processing surfaces or applying a layer of a material, primarily to enhance corrosion resistance or improve surface properties (mechanical, chemical, aesthetic, etc.)

    Most frequently performed surface treatments:

  • Hot-dip and electroplating zinc coating
  • Powder and wet painting
  • Burnishing, blasting, pickling
  • Blackening, Arcor, zinc-nickel plating
  • Material spectral analysis

    Mobile spectrometer Belec Compact Port

  • We perform spectral analysis of materials based on iron and aluminum.
  • Highly precise chemical analysis of metallic materials directly in operational conditions.
  • Elements concentrations measurement across a wide measuring range.
  • Analysis of high-alloyed materials and elements with low concentrations, including carbon content measurement well below 0.1% concentration.
  • Measurement results with the ability to calculate averages, deviations, material classification according to ČSN and EN standards, etc.
  • Protocols in PDF format.
  • Aluminum sawing

    We process your aluminum profiles with 7 saws. We can produce up to 800 000 parts weekly. With a 5 ton crane and 1000m2 of space, we can enable easy handling, which means we can achieve short throughput times and quick profile changes on the saws.

    Our saws can process the following dimensions:
    Max. width: 500 mm (at approx. 50mm profile height)
    Max. height: 180 mm

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